List Of Interesting Fashion Essay Topics

Every year comes with its portion of newness in the fashion world. Each year’s fashion trend seeks to outclass the fashion that was born in the previous years. Therefore, one of the ways people get to express themselves in our world today is through style. 

We have shown in time that the clothes we wear do more than to cover our nakedness. It has become the way we impress. Because of this increase in the desire to impress by fashion, discrimination and criticism abound. 

However, people will do anything to avoid the criticism that comes from peer pressure. This peer pressure continues to affect people, and it can be a powerful motivator in making fashion decisions. 

Therefore, writing an essay about it, how to handle it, channel it into a powerful motivation for making the right fashion decision, etc. will be an excellent read for the present-day audience. Check out our suggested list of fashion topics to write about.

40 Interesting Fashion Essay Topics

  1. The topic you choose determines the responsiveness of your reader to your writings. Topics must be interesting to you as it influences the flow of your essay from the introduction to the conclusion. 
  2. The flow of your writings is an essential factor as it keeps your readers focused on your essay. However, it all begins with an exciting topic. Here are a few exciting topics you can work on:
  3. How The 18th Century Fashion Influences The 21st Century Trends
  4. A Concise Note On Textile And Fashion Industry
  5. A Critical Look Into The Fashion House: Gucci
  6. Fashion In The New France And In The 17th Century France
  7. A Comprehensive Analysis Of The Book Fashion
  8. Critical Analysis Of The Fashion Industry
  9. Getting A Job In The Present Day Fashion Industry
  10. Teenage And Barbie Fashion Doll
  11. How To Become A Fashion Boutique Owner
  12. How To Become A Student Of Fashion Design
  13. Career In Interior And Fashion Design
  14. The Influence Of Chanel On Fashion
  15. The Changes In Fashion Swimsuit
  16. Clothes And Fashion Of The 21st Century 
  17. The Culture Of Fashion And Clothing
  18. Fashion Industry’s Consumption And Consumerism
  19. Differences Between Contemporary And Historic Fashion
  20. Should The Use Of Fur In Fashion Be Stopped?
  21. Does Trading Fur Serve Any Need?
  22. Can High Fashion Help Fight Recession?
  23. Fashion Industry And Its Ethical Issues
  24. The World’s Expensive Jewelry Fashion
  25. Exploring Social Patterns Through Fashion
  26. Fashion And Dance Relationship
  27. The Fashion Industry And Fashion
  28. Fashion Landslide
  29. College Degrees In Fashion Design And Merchandising
  30. Fashion Design And Retail: Management Process
  31. Fighting Fashion Design Piracy
  32. Preventing Idea Piracy In The Fashion Industry
  33. The History Of Fashion And Fashion Design
  34. A Fitted Spanish Suit And The Egg Coat
  35. The Influence Of Fashion Of Rock And Roll
  36. The Trickiness Of Fashion
  37. The Art Of Fashion Design
  38. Fashion History And Theories
  39. Fashion Trend Of The Fifties
  40. Fashion Incubator And Its Feasibility
  41. Fashion’s Freedom Of Expression
  42. Global Warming And Fashion Trend


The desire to impress is innate in man, and it has been in existence since the beginning of the records of history. Writing to help people achieve this motive will be highly welcomed. Most of the suggested topics put you on this track. Pick any item you find interesting enough and begin writing.