Essay Topics: Pick Something From Your Personal Memory

Students begin to feel uneasy when it is time to write their college essay application. They are told that their essay needs to captivate the reader, it has to be informative, creatively stimulating, perceptive, and above all, charming. Yes, the essay must charm the reader. Another challenge is to do all of this in nearly a couple of pages. Tough call! The good thing is that you will have won half the battle if you choose the perfect essay topic. Experts from UsEssayWriters say that the essay idea is as important as the essay.

Drawing from personal memory can be helpful

There are many ways to choose essay writing topics. Experts suggest that it is always nice to draw from your personal memory. It is not easy because you can’t choose the superfluous. You have to look deep and pick something really important. Why? Because you have to write with a lot of emotion; if you are writing in a disconnected way, the reader understands it. If you write with emotion, it is also evident. Also, it is worth saying again; you have got only two pages to make an impact.

Essay example- Most horrifying experience

One of the best college essay examples is to talk about your most horrifying experience. What was the stake? Was your personal life or the life of loved one/loved ones in danger? What was the cause of the crisis? How did the situation pan out? Was it difficult to cope emotionally with the crisis?

Essay example- Personal accomplishment

Talking about your proudest personal accomplishment can certainly be among the best college essay prompts. Which specific skill do you want to talk about? Is it some trait instead of a skill? For instance, one can be proud of his/her talent for photography (skill) but at the same time he can also be proud of his administrative skills (trait). In the essay, you can also talk about certain instances which have cemented your great belief in your talent/skill/trait.

Essay example- Saddest memory

For the college application essay, talking about the saddest or happiest memory can be quite a piece, too. However, to reiterate, it is important to draw from your deepest emotion in this case. When writing about your saddest memory, you can talk about how it ravaged you. Also, you can share what significant lesson did you learn from your experience and did you take adequate measures so that the bad experience does not recur.

Essay example- Happiest memory

When talking about your happiest memory in your college essay, you can talk about what the memory was and who were the people around you to share that memory with. In addition, what did the memory mean to you at the time when the experience was fresh? It may be important to compare that feeling with how the memory makes you feel in the present day. In other words, has the memory become ordinary with time or does it still bring smile to you.

Let your emotion flow!

You can browse the internet for finding more about essay help. There are dedicated sites which talk about various engrossing topics. You can talk about the toughest obstacle you have faced, a belief that you successfully challenged or something about your personal growth and what your experiences in the way have been.

When you write on a topic, there is just a blank canvas. On one side is the reader and on the other side, you yourself sit. Your job is to build a bridge between yourself and the reader. It won’t happen unless you try to connect deeply with the topic. So, let your emotion flow!