List Of Interesting Video Game Essay Topics

Life is short is a general saying. Therefore, humans do everything to enjoy life to the fullest. While there are many ways to enjoy life, a widespread phenomenon among youths and adults, in this technology-driven age, is the virtual life provided by video games.

The advent of video games spurs impressions on people differently. While some are die-hard fans of video games, some believe it is a waste of time. Some believe it to be a weapon of destruction to reality, while those who play it consider it a second life.

This difference in belief about video games’ value provides a spacious room for essay writing to thrive. Therefore to write an essay about video games, you can conveniently choose which position to defend. The position you choose will shape the topic.

List of 40 Video Game Essay Topics

Have you chosen on which side of the divide you want to stand? If you’ve not decided, looking through a list of topics will help. If you’ve decided what to work on, a search through a list of topics can also help. Check out our list of essay topic on video games:

  1. Are Video Games Therapeutic?
  2. Do Violent Video Games Contribute To Youth Violence?
  3. What Are The Benefits Of Video Games?
  4. Can Video Games Be Of Help To Learning?
  5. Video Games Censoring
  6. What Connection Is There Between Violence And Video Games
  7. What Impact Do Video Games Have On Children
  8. Can Video Games Hurt?
  9. Can Aggressive Behavior Link To Violent Video Games?
  10. Analysis Of The Effect Of Video Games On Children
  11. A Comprehensive History Of Video Games
  12. What Effect Do Violent Video Games Have On Young People?
  13. What Help Do Video Games Have On Society?
  14. What Is The Importance Of Video Games To Society?
  15. Regulation Of Violent Video Games And Parental Responsibility
  16. Must Parents Control The Type Of Video Games Their Children Play?
  17. What Are The Positive Impacts Of Playing Video Games?
  18. The Psychological Effects Of Video Games
  19. Should Our Children Be Taught Video Games?
  20. How Video Games Affect Children
  21. How Video Games Affect Teens
  22. How Video Games Affect Education
  23. How Video Games Affect Gamers
  24. How Video Games Affect Teenagers
  25. How Video Games Affect The Brain
  26. How Video Games Affect Violence
  27. How Video Games Affect Youths
  28. How Video Games Affect American Culture
  29. The Reality Of Video Games
  30. The History Of Video Games
  31. Video Games And The Misconceptions Around It
  32. Effect And Evolution Of Video Games
  33. Rights Of  A Video Game
  34. Today’s Society And The Rise Of Video Games
  35. The Unknown Effect Of Video Games Has On Teens
  36. The Forgotten Art Of Video Games
  37. The Good And The Bad Of Video Games
  38. Can Video Games Be The Future Of Education?
  39. Can Video Games Become Learning Tools?
  40. Are There Benefits Video Games Offer?


Each of the topics suggested above is entirely open to the diversity of opinion. If you can get your facts and present them right, you would have effectively contributed your quota towards a meaningful conclusion about video games.