Things To Learn In A Well-Written Persuasive Essay Template

If your teachers ask you to write a persuasive essay, you do not need to panic. You might think it is difficult, especially if you are writing such for the first time. But this essay type is normally simple. And know that persuasive and argumentative essays are the same. Here, you have to convince readers to accept your point by providing enough facts to support your claims. Using samples to learn can help you understand better. So if you are eager to improve your writing skills, these tips will help you.

  1. Choose the best from the list of essay topics
  2. Have more than one topic to make selection easy. And make sure what you are writing about is contradictory. You also need to have enough points to support your arguments; that is why you need to choose what you are good at or a topic that is interesting to you.

    Again, pick a topic that is specific in order not to confuse or bore your readers. Here is an inspiration for your English essay.

    • Are we really safe with security cameras?
    • Does Instagram cause isolation? Explain.
  3. What side are you on?
  4. Assuming the topic you are writing on is; “Why should elderly citizens above 65 years old have special benefits?” you must be able to write for or against the proposed topic. But whatever side you are on, ensure you have enough points to convince readers to accept your claims. That said you need to conduct proper research to determine if writing for or against the topic is possible, based on your findings.

    Your topic should also appeal to the emotion of your readers. In fact, that is one of the things you should consider even before you start writing. If you think it does not, then choose another topic before it is too late. You can even find out if the topic and essay format would make readers develop an interest to read with these tips.


    • Be sure that you can defend your position with verifiable points
    • What objections will your readers likely raise?
  5. Draft your paper
  6. Start with a simple draft outlining your points. At this stage, you do not need to bother about editing your paper. So write without paying attention to grammar or spelling errors. Get as many points you can remember down on paper. This will make it easier to present your ideas in a logical manner that will keep your readers engaged. You may also read other essay examples to learn how to structure your paper.

  7. Proofread finally
  8. One area that can be very challenging in essay writing is proofreading. It is time-consuming and tiring. However, one way most students avoid this task is by assigning their paper to an online editor. Most of them make use of manual and software to proofread to ensure every possible error is detected and eliminated.


You can learn how to write an essay by using the right samples. So get samples written by professionals to improve any area of your writing that needs improvement. You can demand different samples for the different essay types to have general knowledge, or concentrate on the specific essay type you are asked to write on.